About me

I'm a biophysicist with several years' experience in the sustainable biotechnology industry. I currently work at the Commerce Committee in the U.S. Senate, after spending a sunny year and a half in Los Angeles, helping create a new plant-based burger at Beyond Meat.

Before that I spent several years working on sustainable spider-silk textiles at Bolt Threads, and I completed a Ph.D. in Biophysics from UC Berkeley, in which I used laser tweezers to pull on single protein molecules in order to study their material properties.

Science writing

I am passionate about science communication; I volunteered for several years at the Berkeley Science Review, a publication covering science and policy at UC Berkeley. I wrote six articles and managed the website through several updates and a redesign.

Two of the issues in which I was published (PDFs): Issue 14, Issue 13.


I specialize in microscope photography. I draw inspiration from the amazing variety of structures that have evolved in life, and from abstract forms in everyday objects.

Click on the images below to see examples of my photos. If you are interested in ordering prints, or are looking for a microscope imaging consultant, contact me at

Plants (8 photos)

Animals (7 photos)

Artificial objects (6 photos)
Urban spaces (10 photos)